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Winnipeg Access Advisory Committee


Access Awards 2003

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Cancer Care Manitoba
  Cancer Care Manitoba


Tranquility Place
  Tranquility Place


Best Western Victoria Inn      
Best Western Victoria Inn



Award Winners

  • Movement Centre 1646 Henderson

  • Ruth Bergen Memorial Centre

  • Norwood Hotel

  • Vertigo Night Club

  • Buffalo Credit Union

  • Mb. Fly Fishing Association

  • Tranquility Place 151 Watson

  • Bill Arnott Housing 200 Watson


Committee Mandate

  • Advise the Mayor and Council on present and future status of the City of Winnipeg's information, properties, and services accessible for persons with disabilities to the benefit of all citizens.
  • Review and monitor all accessibility as they pertain to the City of Winnipeg's properties.
  • Advise and make recommendations to City Council regarding unresolved accessibility issues related to City properties.
  • Communicate with the citizens of Winnipeg about their concerns as they relate to public access of City properties.
  • Inform all citizens of initiatives of the City as well as accomplishments and achievements with respect to access and universal design.
  • Educate all City departments about access issues as they relate to employment and public access.
  • Identify projects which encourage enthusiasm and involvement of the community, government and business in making Winnipeg universally accessible.